BRUH 2021

Bruh Innovative Business Idea Competition is a call to young entrepreneurs to bring forth innovative ideas to solve critical cross-sectoral challenges to meet public need and grow to become a profitable company on the way. The challenge aims to facilitate seed grant and acceleration to finalists who are mature in concept and can be commercialized timely.

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Bruh National Competition round 2 is now open for application

Application starts on September 15, 2021

Bruh-Somali is now open for application

Mercy Corps in collaboration with Jobs Creation Commission, and with funding support from European Commission Trust Fund, is launching an innovation business idea competition in Fafan Zone of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia. The initiative is part of the project, ‘Strengthening Socio Economic Development and Better Employment Opportunities for Refugees and Host Communities in the Fafan Zone, Somali Region Ethiopia Program (STEDE)

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The competition


Entrepreneurs will be trained with intensive entrepreneurship training.


The finalists will be awarded seed grant money.


Entrepreneurs will be provided with an acceleration program to boost their business.

The Opportunity

STEDE is seeking applications from existing enterprises, youth, men, women, refugees and the diaspora to bring forth innovative ideas to solve cross-sectoral challenges in the following areas: livestock and livestock value chains, waste management, crop value additions, small and micro enterprises, innovation and technology infrastructure, health, agriculture, etc. to create jobs for refugees and host communities in Fafan Zone, meet public need and grow to become printable company on the way. The competition aims to use Jobs Creation Commission’s ‘BRUH’ Model: Train | Award | Accelerate. The application target areas are: Fafan Zone: with special focus in Jigjiga City; Awbare and Kabribaya woreda targeting the host and refugees.

How to apply?

Applicants must fulfil the below
  1. Application form must be filled
  2. Copies of the following document must be included
    • Company profile (if available)
    • Tax registration
    • Business registration document
    • Financial report of the last 2 years (if available)
  3. Applicants must include a cost-sharing contribution of at least 30% of the total cost

The Competition Process


All applicants must apply through an online registration.


Applicants will be shortlisted using a standard criterion


Shortlisted applicants will enter an intensive entrepreneurship training

Pitch Competition

The shortlisted and trained applicants will compete with each other in front of juries


Top finalists will be awarded a seed grant and a certificate


Top finalists will be provided with an acceleration program.